Her Career

This television work helped to build her profile with it becoming pretty obvious to many within the industry that she would then have to make the leap into the world of cinema and to do so on a larger scale than before. Her first few films were relatively small although it was the 1982 movie ‘Porky’s’ that was able to push her up to another level and then this was further enhanced by her appearance in ‘Police Academy’ and by this point it was clear that she would go on to bigger and better things.

Kim-Cattrall-BodyIt should be noted at this time that Kim was still aware of sticking close to her acting roots with her continuing to make appearances on the stage even though her movie career was going from strength to strength. This would then be the road her career would take until 1997 when she would be cast in the biggest role of her life, as Samantha Jones in ‘Sex and the City’.

Her role as the sex obsessed Samantha gave her further international recognition due to the success of the show and it also led to a number of Emmy nominations with her also winning a Golden Globe in 2002. This role would of course also lead to two movies with the brand although even after it came to an end her life and career has continued with a number of high profile roles on both the small and big screen.