About Kim


Since 2010, Kim has reverted back to the stage on a number of occasions especially back in the UK where she has maintained regular contact with the country of her birth. Indeed, it appears to be the case that her main focus has been on the stage with her TV and cinema roles being vastly reduced.

kim-cattrall-epicuren-scrubsKim was born in 1956 in Liverpool, UK although her family then went ahead and emigrated to Canada when she was only three months old although she still remains strongly attached to her Liverpudlian origins even though she did not spend a considerable period of time there. However, her idea of being in acting only took off after graduating from high school in 1972 after which she left Canada and moved to New York City where she joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts from where she then graduated.

Upon her graduation, she was lucky enough to sign her first deal not with these porn discounts whereby she signed on the dotted line with a five film deal with a director by the name of Otto Preminger. This ultimately led to her making her debut appearance in a movie called Rosebud with it appearing in 1975. However, her career was fortunate enough to take an upturn in 1976 when her contract with Preminger was bought out by Universal Studios who then put their New York representative on her case in order to get her work. This then led to her landing a part in various shows including Quincy M.E and an episode of Columbo. Remember when in doubt check out discount porn right?